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List of Social Values

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OutcomeAverage ValueBy Age?By Region?By number of dependants?
Full-time employment£14,433 **-
Self-employment£11,588 **-
Part-time employment£1,229 **-
Government training scheme£9,447 **-
Secure job£12,034 **-
Apprenticeship£2,353 **-
Vocational training£1,124 **-
Regular volunteering£3,249 **-
Regular attendance at voluntary or local organisation£1,773 **-
General training for job£1,567 **-
Employment training£807**-
Employed parent for children (11-15)£1,700 ***
No problem with teenagers hanging around£5,760 **-
No problem with vandalism/graffiti£4,072 **-
Not worried about crime£12,274 **-
No problem with anti-social behaviour£6,403 **-
Police do good job£5,340 **-
No litter problems£3,555 **-
Able to obtain advice locally£2,457 **-
Good neighbourhood£1,747 **-
Feel belonging to neighbourhood£3,753 **-
Talks to neighbours regularly£4,511 **-
High confidence (adult)£13,080 **-
Relief from depression/anxiety (adult)£36,766 **-
Good overall health£20,141 **-
Relief from drug/alcohol problems£26,124 **-
Smoking cessation£4,010 **-
Feel in control of life£15,894 **-
Can rely on family£6,784 **-
Debt-free£1,593 **-
Afford to keep house well-decorated£5,326 **-
Able to save regularly£2,155 **-
Relief from being heavily burdened with debt£10,836 **-
Able to pay for housing£7,347 **-
Financial comfort£8,917 **-
Access to internet£2,413 **-
Able to insure home contents£3,652 **-
Go to youth clubs£2,300 **-
Relief from depression/anxiety (youth)£11,819 **-
Improvements in confidence (youth)£9,283 **-
Married parents (youth)£2,035 **-
Never arrested£3,684 **-
Member of social group£1,850 **-
Active in tenants group£8,116 **-
Football£3,101 **-
Keep fit£1,670 **-
Walking£5,281 **-
Yoga or pilates£2,256 **-
Dance£3,052 **-
Frequent moderate exercise£4,179 **-
Frequent mild exercise£3,537 **-
Gardening£1,411 **-
Hobbies£1,515 **-
Rough sleeping to secure housing£24,467 --*
Temporary accommodation to secure housing£8,019 --*
Rough sleeping to temporary accommodation£16,448 --*
Tenancy Service for people in rough sleeping£245--*
Emergency relief services for people in rough sleeping£98--*
Housing service for people in temporary accommodation£192--*
Tenancy service for people in temporary accommodation£176--*


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