The first model of Wellbeing Valuation

The application of Wellbeing Valuation to housing providers was first explored in a paper in 2012.

The paper first looks at the value of different aspects of housing quality and housing tenure. To do so,  an understanding of the impact that housing has on wellbeing through the wellbeing measures in the BHPS was gained. Approximate values were derived for different indicators of housing quality, such as the value associated with the lack of neighbour noise or with a lack of problems related to damp and condensation.

Then non-housing interventions were explored for their impact on wellbeing. The value attached to non-housing outcomes that are often the focus of HA activity was explored. Some initial values were derived related to non-housing activities including employment, education and health interventions. This served as a proof of concept for the approach.

You can read the full paper here.

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